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SID Player for the Spectrum

Oh god, not more youtube! YES! More youtube.

One of the defining features of the C64 (other than its ability to run decent games on a sub 1MHz (in PAL regions) processor) is the SID sound chip. Channels this, waveforms that, filters the other, the specs don't matter here. What matters is that the tunes and effects blew us away and ZX Spectrum owners like myself found it hard not to admit to no small amount of envy. We managed anyway.

Later models of the ZX Spectrum had the (barely) comparable AY-3-8912, but it just didn't have the same range...

...Or perhaps it did, here's a demo of a "SID player" running on stock Spectrum hardware from 2003:

SID Player for the Spectrum

OK, so this is actually some crazy hackery to get a broader range of SID-style crunchiness from the AY rather than an actual SID player - still sounds cool.

by fuzzix on Tue, 20 Aug 2013 13:29.


Tue, 20 Aug 2013 14:19

No, the speccy hardware isn't from 2003, the software is.

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